To market to market...

June 19, 2015

It's always such an enjoyable but also an exhausting whirlwind time of 3 days where we try to finish up Bella Vita's Christmas shopping at the Dallas Home & Gift Market. We will leave out early next Friday morning to hit the market floor by 10a and head to one of the 17 floors of showrooms in the World Trade Center located in the Merchandise Mart area of Dallas. But not to worry, if that's not enough, the Trade Mart that connects to the WTC has another 4 floors. And then there's the International Plaza, the furniture mart...

Even in my best attempts of remembering what sold well last year, we must keep in mind what is "in" this year, what colors will be thrown in the mix and will the emphasis be on Traditional, Vintage, or Whimsical?  I have to say for me, I'm your Traditional gal who loves the nostalgia that inspires the vintage. Jesus is always "in" and is the reason for the season, so there will always be that emphasis in my store because after all, it's why we're celebrating at all. 

But Christmas is not the only thing we shop for, there will be reorders and new orders and lots of new things that will come thru our back door and hopefully into your front door.  

I'm taking pre-orders on the new "Skinnies" as we like to call them.  Visit Bella Vita's Facebook page to see the pictures of the 4 new Christmas pieces. If you'd like any or all of them, call me and i'll make sure I get one ordered for you.  They always seem to sell out fast. Look forward to seeing you soon! 



Posted on June 19, 2015 .