Something old, something new…

...Something borrowed, something blue, and a six-pence in her shoe.

June 11, 2015

This weekend, we will have the privilege of attending one of my dearest friend's daughter's wedding.  She is 23 and we have known her since birth.  Being next door neighbors, she was diapered right along side my own daughter and the two became fast friends. My family certainly had front row seats for many years watching this darling blonde-headed baby grow into the beautiful young woman she is today. On Friday, she will take the arm of her Prince Charming and so they will be best friends for life, husband and wife.

Interesting fact: (and I'm going somewhere with this) Did you know that the idea of a bridal registry was first invented in 1924 by department store Marshall Field's (now Macy's)? And according to Wikipedia, in the United States, bridal showers started in urban areas in the 1890's mainly among the upper middle classes, but by the 1930's, bridal showers had spread to rural America.  And today, from box stores to boutiques, brides across the country register everything from dinnerware to tools. 

So if you yourself, or someone you know is looking for a place to register, I hope you will remember Bella Vita.  From Portmeirion or Casafina dinnerware to a touch of whimsy to the table with a GurglePot, we feel confident you will find just what you need to make your new home Bella Vita beautiful.



Posted on June 11, 2015 .