FALL jewelry sale...25% off thru the month of October

My front door is open, the windchime in the courtyard is singing and I’m standing here thinking, “This is why we love fall.” It’s 62 degrees and partly cloudy. Leaves are just starting to turn as this week marked fall break for all school age kids. I remember when my kids were young, you always prayed the weather would be conducive to lots of outdoor running around. Soon the holiday seasons will be upon us in full swing but before that happens, how about dropping by to check out one of our 15 jewelry lines. ALL at 25% off. Rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Two’s Comany, Splendid Iris, Simply Noelle, Flirt, Jilzarah, Real Simple Style, Colorado made Dichroic, Chickeeboom… just to name a few !!!!

Posted on October 17, 2018 .

To market to market...

June 19, 2015

It's always such an enjoyable but also an exhausting whirlwind time of 3 days where we try to finish up Bella Vita's Christmas shopping at the Dallas Home & Gift Market. We will leave out early next Friday morning to hit the market floor by 10a and head to one of the 17 floors of showrooms in the World Trade Center located in the Merchandise Mart area of Dallas. But not to worry, if that's not enough, the Trade Mart that connects to the WTC has another 4 floors. And then there's the International Plaza, the furniture mart...

Even in my best attempts of remembering what sold well last year, we must keep in mind what is "in" this year, what colors will be thrown in the mix and will the emphasis be on Traditional, Vintage, or Whimsical?  I have to say for me, I'm your Traditional gal who loves the nostalgia that inspires the vintage. Jesus is always "in" and is the reason for the season, so there will always be that emphasis in my store because after all, it's why we're celebrating at all. 

But Christmas is not the only thing we shop for, there will be reorders and new orders and lots of new things that will come thru our back door and hopefully into your front door.  

I'm taking pre-orders on the new "Skinnies" as we like to call them.  Visit Bella Vita's Facebook page to see the pictures of the 4 new Christmas pieces. If you'd like any or all of them, call me and i'll make sure I get one ordered for you.  They always seem to sell out fast. Look forward to seeing you soon! 



Posted on June 19, 2015 .

Something old, something new…

...Something borrowed, something blue, and a six-pence in her shoe.

June 11, 2015

This weekend, we will have the privilege of attending one of my dearest friend's daughter's wedding.  She is 23 and we have known her since birth.  Being next door neighbors, she was diapered right along side my own daughter and the two became fast friends. My family certainly had front row seats for many years watching this darling blonde-headed baby grow into the beautiful young woman she is today. On Friday, she will take the arm of her Prince Charming and so they will be best friends for life, husband and wife.

Interesting fact: (and I'm going somewhere with this) Did you know that the idea of a bridal registry was first invented in 1924 by department store Marshall Field's (now Macy's)? And according to Wikipedia, in the United States, bridal showers started in urban areas in the 1890's mainly among the upper middle classes, but by the 1930's, bridal showers had spread to rural America.  And today, from box stores to boutiques, brides across the country register everything from dinnerware to tools. 

So if you yourself, or someone you know is looking for a place to register, I hope you will remember Bella Vita.  From Portmeirion or Casafina dinnerware to a touch of whimsy to the table with a GurglePot, we feel confident you will find just what you need to make your new home Bella Vita beautiful.



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How it all began...or, maybe better said, "Once upon a time..."

June 2015

I've never written a blog before and just pondering how one begins can be quite daunting.  But how about if I just jump in?

My name is Linda and I own a gift shop in a revitalized section of downtown Broken Arrow known as The Rose District. It wasn't always revitalized and it wasn't always The Rose District, but how that all came about, well, that can be another blog for another time.

People I  know and those I have met along the way, say from time to time, "Well you are doing what you always wanted to do" and generally I laugh and say, "Quite the contrary" because I had never really envisioned myself doing this, but as it would be, this has become part of my story.  So, you might ask, just how did Bella Vita come about?

Enter, three optimistic sisters, one "I believe you can do it" mom, a high school senior daughter who had seen her mom tackle a few things in her lifetime and so what was one more thing, a college aged son who I'm sure said something to the effect of "cool" and last but not least a husband that said, "I'll give you this much money.  See what you can do with it".  It was October of 2009 as we sat around the table to see how the vision would all come together. And together it did and by the following year, Bella Vita threw open her doors the morning of March 10th...I was officially open for business!

We had taken possession of the space right after Thanksgiving, the  November before and there were fixtures to buy, lines to consider, a point of sale program to purchase, and a market trip to Dallas where all the buying would begin.

During the preceding months, I had begun to put together a game plan, which consisted of lines I would love to carry and creative ways of displaying it. I had dreamed of putting together merchandise, lovely things, that would be accents for making a home beautiful. It was actually my daughter and me that came up with the name of Bella Vita which means "beautiful life" or "beautiful living" in Italian.  And thus my tag line would become "Accents for Beautiful Living". I envisioned every room of a home as you would enter Bella Vita. Living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and finally the garden.

It has been over 5 years since my first product arrived at my front door step and much has evolved since then. Many of the first products have stood the test of time, while others have gone away but with each year, new additions have found a place on the shelves and tables of Bella Vita.  

I read that,  "Once upon a time..." implied that what was to follow was a unique happening, or at least a very special one. And I would agree, so it is with Bella Vita, but even though this is not the end, I believe I can say,  we are living, "happily ever after."


Posted on May 30, 2015 .